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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I’ve never been much of a "girly girl” (the fact this term still exists makes me want to crawl into a hole, throw up and then die), in fact, it’s only been within the past couple of years that I’ve truly sparked an interest in all things makeup and beauty.

I s’pose being in university has taught me many things like: 
  • Living with a hair and makeup degree student will make you jealous of how constantly ‘fleeky’ they are
  • You'll start using the word 'fleek' as a joke to take the piss but eventually it'll become part of your daily vocab
  • Eyebrows really are the most important asset and yours will never be up to scratch no matter how hard you try
  • People will assume that because you like alternative music you must hate fashion and beauty
  • Going out every night becomes such a chore and you’ll forever feel like a slob for recycling outfits and having the same makeup every single time

No but legit, emphasising on that last point, since I was thirteen I’ve forever had the same routine. Foundation (in the palest shade, but even then I’ll always come out orange), matte pressed powder, heavy winged eyeliner and mascara. That’s it.

Whilst I’m still proud that I’m the supposed ‘Queen of Eyeliner’ (I definitely gave myself that nickname and I don’t even care), nobody ever appears ‘wowed' unless they’ve watched me do it with a single swoop, especially after I’ve knocked back half a bottle of Sainsbury's own-brand vodka.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I want to impress other people, instead I actually want to prove to myself that I can branch out away from this winged routine that’s had me clutched in its talons for eight years. EIGHT. YEARS.
I’ve never been confident with my appearance, and only very recently have I been feeling more fab with the way that I look because at the end of the day, this is the only face I got so I might as well embrace it.

All in all, this blog is gonna feature reviews of different products, rants about beauty standards and things the media tells you not to do but how you should do it anyway, and little lifestyle posts and advice for anyone who’s just starting out like I am. I won't be biased, I won't make shit up because I want freebies (although I do want freebies so holla at yo girl) and I'm not about to censor myself for the sake of appealing to a wider audience. If a product is wank, I'm gonna tell you it's wank (with possibly a gazillion other swear words that I see fit). 

In the next week or so, expect to see the products I use for my every day face routine, my favourite lipsticks (p much all Jeffree Star) and hopefully my fucking e.l.f order will finally arrive so I can go through my haul as it's filled with random shit in a mystery bag that could be the dog's bollocks but it could be a load of codswallop. HOW EXCITING.

But y'know, until then, 

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