Unicorn Blood smells like... Root Beer?

Monday, 10 October 2016

It’s a fact, I’ll have you know. It’s also a fact that I fucking love Jeffree Star’s velour liquid lipsticks and I was even recently compared to a walking advertisement considering I wear a lipstick from the range on a daily basis. In my current collection I own Weirdo, Redrum, Androgyny and Unicorn Blood which y’know, is gonna be the basis of this review.


I think what I love the most about liquid lipsticks is that you DON’T have to wear a lip liner. Trust me. I can’t use them anyway but you really don’t need one because this colour is gonna be staying on you all damn day and you won’t have to worry about any of it bleeding out or smudging either.

For starters, the colour is a deep burgundy; as Autumn (or Fall, ‘cause leaf fall down) approaches, it’s the perfect shade for those cosy mauve/burgundy looks that are all the rage and you can create so many gorgeous every day and night looks with it. It’s been my go-to colour recently because you can really pair it with absolutely anything and you’ll be looking flawless.

An Autumn/Fall everyday look ft. Morphe 35K palette.


I will always adore the packaging of these lipsticks. A cute little pink box and inside, a bullet-shaped lippie that shows you just how much product you’ve got that’s gonna be lasting you for a while– trust me.
 And now comes the smell. The glorious, glorious smell that makes you want to eat it. Except, don’t eat it because that would be a waste (although I swear, it tastes like root beer too). Though fragranced, it feels so smooth and gentle as you apply it to the lip and the wand is incredibly soft it’s like an angel is softly swooping over.

 Incredibly pigmented, there is absolutely nothing that I can criticise with regards to the colour. It is the absolute bomb. Even just the one coat can be enough, but I am really shit at doing my cupid’s bow so I always have to apply more than one to try and even it out. Sometimes, depending on how much of the product you have on the applicator, the edges can be slightly darker in colour in comparison to the middle of the lip but when it dries, it actually gives the appearance of a lip liner so it’s almost two for the price of one. Or if it’s not to your taste, just apply a really thin coat on top and it’ll blend out like a dream.

Within seconds, the product will mattify just like that and you’ll actually be in awe of the finished look. And trust me, that baby will be staying on there even if you eat, drink, or kiss someone (although no tongues because that’s just always going to be messy). 

The only real problem that I sometimes get is it can dry my lips out and cause them to peel? It sounds gross and I s’pose it is, but I’m pretty sure this is just an issue that I have because I’m weird. Regardless though, even when I’ve bitten off dead skin – there is no way to write that to make it sound pleasant – it’s not hard to just pop another coat on and then voila, fixed. So really, all in all the product is pretty much anything you could want in a liquid lipstick.

Except. Maybe. Just a small matter of price.

So, for the full range of different colours then your only hope is through Jeffree’s website which – of course – is an American site. However, the lipstick itself is around £15 with shipping at an added £9. In total, for some of the colours you’re unfortunately looking at a price tag of £24 but there’s a great UK site to fulfil at least some of your needs.

Beauty Bay have only recently added some of Jeffree’s range, but they’re sure to sell out super quick so keep on checking back to see if anymore have been added. At £16 with free delivery though, you’re onto a winner and I promise you that it is worth every penny. I’ve had Weirdo and Redrum since my birthday back in May and I’m still able to use the product on the regular with no signs of them running out or drying out. For such a long lasting product, it is by far worth the extra pennies.

As an overall rating? It’s a solid 10/10 and I will probably never stop until I own everything Jeffree Star. I’m just moments from splurging on some Skin Frost.

Until then,

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